Square Picture Mats

  1. Diverse colors and textures, make your artwork and design come true.
  2.  Features: IKEA supplier, Acid-free paper, SGS & FSC certificates,  cutting machines from Italy (Valiani)and Netherland(Gunnar)
  3.  Usages: versatile applications such as packaging, frames, decorations, craftworks etc.
  4.  MOQ: please contact us and submit below to get free sample

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Product Description

Our Square mats have become some of the most popular sizes of matting that we offer. From 6x6s’ to 16×16’s we have a great selection to choose from.

These are packs of Square picture mats with white core and beveled inside opening.  The actual opening sizes are listed below.  Any of our mats are available in all of our colors and custom openings are available upon request.

Mat Sizes: 6×6 for 4×4 pictures / 8×8 for 4×4 pictures / 10×10 for 6×6 pictures  /12×12 for 8×8 pictures

16×16 for 12×12 pictures

Opening Sizes: 4×4 = 3.5×3.5  /6×6 = 5.5×5.5  /8×8 = 7.5×7.5  /12×12 = 11.5×11.5

For more details and free sample, please contact us and submit below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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