1. Size: 32×40”  (81× 102cm)
  2. Features: IKEA supplier, Acid-free paper, SGS & FSC certificates,  cutting machines from Italy (Valiani)and Netherland(Gunnar)
  3. Usages: scrapbooking, kid’s crafts, paintings, drawing, backer, enhancing photos by custom cutting your own opening. -Cut your own opening to customize photos
  4. MOQ: 300pcs,please contact us and submit below to get free sample


Product Description



1. 0.8-3mm thickness,4-ply,cream core/white core available


  1. Acid-free paper means that the pH of the paper is 7.0 (neutral) or higher (alkaline). Under normal conditions of use and storage, the life of acid-free paper can be much longer and friendly to the environment.


  1. Strict QC & sufficient experience:DY has professional technicians with experience more than ten years and a strict production management team, equipped with a fully automatic computerized paper cutting machines, DY can perfectly perform assembly line operations.


  1. For more details and free sample, please contact us and submit below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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