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01 /Mat board shapes

Uncut mat board —

Economical, decorative 32×40 mat boards with a light cream core available in a large range of colors suitable for most everyday matting needs. 4-ply, 1/16“ thick. Buffered pH neutral.ACID FREE.

02 / Pre-cut mat board

Cardboard picture frame —

Frame all your photos and prints just like a professional studio photographer. These Cardboard Picture Frames are suitable for a variety of photographs including: Senior and school portraits, family portraits, engagement and wedding portraits, cruise and resort photography. Linen weave finish we can also supply. Pop-up easel for horizontal or vertical display. Side-load construction. Photo Opening Size: 3-5/8“ x 5-5/8“. Available in Black or White. Envelopes available separately. Custom imprinting available.

03 / Pre-cut mat board

Custom cut mats for picture framing —

We adopt the imported cutting machine for produce the pre-cut mat board series. If you’re in need of something special design, we offer custom shape mat openings that will add that extra POP! to your piece of art! With your supplied design file, we can help you to transfer the artwork to our cutting machine and engraved it on the mat board. These specialty cuts can often be made for you within the day of design!

04 / Pre-cut mat board

V groove mat board —

Concept: A V-Groove is a thin white line (black line for black core) which is carved into the top mat around the entire mat. A V-Groove adds a special “class“ and formality to any photo or print you are trying to emphasize. V-Grooves are only available on the top mat of your mat selections.
Effect: A V-Groove mat creates the illusion of double matting, which elevates the overall look and feel of any presentation, and helps to draw the viewer’s eye to the fine art in the center. V-Grooves are a great way to add depth to any finished picture frame.



We took apart in many exhibition , the place from Beijing , shanghai ,yiwu , Guangzhou ,HongKong . we knew many customers in the exhibition each year .

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Our Clients

As the biggest mat board manufacturer in China, we cooperated with the big famous international company such as IKEA, Michaels, Walmart. larson juhl, intco etc.

Year 2016

Walmart —

Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue – over US$500 billion according to Fortune Global 500 list in 2018 – as well as the largest private employer in the world with 2.3 million employees. We had offered some mat board frame for the Walmart retailing .

Year 2015/16

Michales —

Michaels Stores, Inc., doing business as Michaels, is the largest American arts and crafts retail chain that currently operates more than 1,262 stores.
The stores sell a selection of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall décor, bakeware, beads, scrapbooking and seasonal merchandise for hobbyists and do-it-yourself home decorators. we supplied mat board for their frame decorations.

Year 2014

Larson juhl —

Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is a manufacturer and distributor of timeless and innovative custom picture frame mouldings. As a global company with a history built on artisanship, Larson-Juhl represents excellence in custom frames. we cooperated with Larson juhl in many countries.

Year 2014

Intco —

Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. ( Intco Recycling Resources ) is a leading company in the industry of EPS waste foam Reduction, Recycling and Reuse. It is specialized in collecting, recycling and reusing of EPS waste foam for over 10 years. now it has the largest frame manufacturing base in the world. We have cooperated for over 10 years.

Year 2011


IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture retailer many years,based on our stable productivity and extraordinary quality, we become the unique mat board supplier to IKEA in China.

Honour & Certificate

Acid free report —

We adopted the acid-free paper as the raw material and it can keep long life for your photo frame. The term “Buffered pH Neutral“ and “Acid Free“ are often used interchangeably. They mean the same thing. Buffering = the process of treating naturally acidic paper.pH = acid. Neutral = without/removed. So a Buffered pH Neutral mat is a mat that has been treated to remove the acidic nature of the paper. These mats are “acid free“.

certificate —

We also got certificate , Which has grown to become the world’s most respected and widespread forest certification system.Maintaining and consolidating this leading position means working to update, promote and grow the system.

IKEA supplier report —

We become ikea unique matboard supplier in China . this is the support system information .IKEA has a strict requirement for its supplier. So we become its assigned supplier due to our extraordinary quality and stable productivity .

Chamber of commerence member

Shenzhen council for the promotion of E-business is the biggest chamber of commerce in China the vice president member ,we has got a lot of resource from the chamber . This certificate prove that we has got a reputation in E-commerce, and we have the ability to serve our customers .

Certificate of SGS test —

Our products passed the SGS test. We can reduce risks, shorten time to market and demonstrate the quality and safety of your raw materials, components or products..

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