Double Mat Board

  1.   Diverse colors and textures, make your artwork and design come true.
  2.  Features: IKEA supplier, Acid-free paper, SGS & FSC certificates,  cutting machines from Italy (Valiani)and Netherland(Gunnar)
  3.  Usages: versatile applications such as packaging, frames, decorations, craftworks etc.
  4.  MOQ: please contact us and submit below to get free sample

Product Description

Our double mats are the perfect complement to your photographs. All of our double mats are:

  • buffered to a neutral pH (acid-free, non-conservation) above industry standards meaning your photo will stay protected for longer
  • bevel cut to give your photo a professional finish
  • 4-ply mat board with 1/6″ or 0.0625″ thickness (each)
  • white/black core that is more resistant to discoloration than cream cores

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